Intake consultation – No charge.

Morning classroom programme – R7855 a month for 12 months. The fees for the morning programme include the specialised music sessions and the language-communication groups run by the speech-language therapists.

Therapy – Therapy fees are not included in the school fees. Therapy fees are paid directly to the child’s speech-language therapist, audiologist, occupational therapist and/or physiotherapist.

Aftercare – R1646 per month from 12:30 to 4:00. Aftercare can also be used on an ad-hoc basis and is then charged according to the days and hours attended.

Afternoon language groups (outreach) – Approximately R840 a month, although fees vary according to the number of times a group meets.

The Centre relies to a large extent on donor funding, particularly for outreach initiatives. The following projects require funding:

Morning programme – Complete or part sponsorship is required for children whose families cannot afford the fees.

Afternoon language groups – Full or part sponsorship is required for many of the children.

Workshops in language/literacy development – Funding is required to cover the cost of these and there is no charge to the recipients of these workshops.

Student training – With additional funding, more workshops and individualised supervision can be provided to students.

Funding for resources – This includes funding for specialised equipment, staff training and educational and therapeutic resources.


At the Centre we are most grateful to our donors who have helped maintain the efficient functioning of the Centre, assisted in funding particular projects, and/or contributed to the Centre’s child sponsorship programme.

Donors during 2020 and 2021 included:
– Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation
– Davies Foundation Trust
– First Rand Volunteers
– Simmonds Hampton Trust
– Pieter

To assist with funding, please contact our administrator-fundraiser, Paul van Wyk.
Email –
Telephone: +27 11 484 3408/9.

As the Centre is both a PBO (930006671) and NPO (001-288) there is a tax benefit for donors.